“One of the most talented designers I have had the opportunity to work with. My mouth dropped the first time I saw my logo fully animated. I am so proud of it. Thank you so much for your patience and talent – Complex1985

“You did a great job. I am blown away by how good it is. If I ever need anything like this again, you’re my first call. Great job – The IT Hollow“.

Listen to “Red Shift” – Original soundtrack produced by Alain Tartevet (more original music here)


Movies (for more information please visit my imdb page):

  • Where We’re Meant To Be – director: Michael Howard (CGI, visual effects) – 3 awards winner including best film
  • Split Second – director: David Aman (CGI, visual effects, music, animated credits, actor) – 2 awards winner
  • StarTrek Begins (CGI, visual effects supervisor)
  • The SuperFemmes – director: Dean Garris (Opening theme, behind the scenes Video/Photography)
  • Delilah – director: J.R.Aiello (CGI, Visual effects, title, animated credits) – award winner
  • Apostone – director: Alain Tartevet (story development, scriptwriting, CGI, visual effects, soundtrack, sound effects, video-editing)
  • La Bicyclette Bleue (soundtrack)
  • For the Love of Rose – director: James McCarthy (CGI, visual effects, match-moving)


Motion Graphics development:

Commercial Ads:

  • Paris Airports (soundtrack)
  • M6 TV (voice over, video-editing)
  • Toyota (music, video-editing)
  • HDTV New-York (music & sound effects)

Corporate video:


  • Mantis Games (3D animated logo)

Logo Animation:

  • The IT Hollow
  • The Business Of Cherubs
  • Progress Pictures (3D)
  • StarTrek Begins (3D)
  • Hard Rock Video (3D)
  • Riverside Brookfield School of Arts (3D)
  • Mantis Games (3D)
  • Amazing Hero Art (3D)

envato logo

pond5 logo